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Call @ 020 8876 1700 / 020 8871 0666

Call @ 020 8876 1700 / 020 8871 0666

Call @ 020 8876 1700 / 020 8871 0666

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You can hire our Mini Cab services for half or full day.

In London (ca. 4-9 hours )

-Half day £ 150

-Full day £ 350

Out of London

-Half day £ 350

-Full Day £ 550

London City Offers

- Waterloo from £ 20

- St Pancras from £ 25

- Tower Bridge from £25

Mortlake Cars - Premium London Minicab Service

A Fast And Reliable Cab Experience

We are an experienced company

MC Mini Cabs have been established since 2001, offering a professional, courteous and punctual service. Our clients are provided with a fast, reliable and safe minicab service. Our minicabs are available 24/7 365 days of the week.

Courteous minicab drivers

All our drivers are CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked and our policy is to be as friendly and polite to our customers as possible.

Large fleet of cars

Our fleet of cars include Saloons, Executive, 7 Seaters (MPV) and Estate cars and are clean and fully insured for your comfort and safety.

Licensed minicab company

We are fully PCO (Public Carriage Office) licensed. All our vehicles are licensed to carry passengers and are driven by experienced professional drivers.

Cab Management System

Our dispatcher software is among the best and innovative in the minicab business. This software tracks cars on a real time map display, provides an extensive and efficient booking handling system, through a simple and user friendly interface. We will never lose track of your cab or your booking.

For more information on this software click here to view their website.

Green cars

We have in our fleet a range of hybrid cars. We take co2 omissions seriously and are introducing carbon reducing emitting hybrid cars to our fleet. If you feel strongly about this subject, then when you book with us mention that you would like to be driven to your destination in one of our hybrid cars.


We accept payment from all cards and of course by cash. For a simpler solution set up an account with us today!


Our clients include many pubs, offices, restaurants and hotels including holiday express hotel.


- Online Booking

- Mobile booking

- Accounts

- Pay Cash / electronic

- Clean & Tidy viehcles

Jobs @ Mortlake


  • Selfemployed Drivers
  • Company Drivers
  • Call Operator

We Accept

All types of credit cards

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